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FS 210 Incident Management Multicompany Operations • 3 Cr.


Studies emergency incident management at the fire company level. Topics include basic command structure and components, incident safety, personnel accountability, and application of management processes to a variety of emergency situations.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Recall knowledge of fire behavior and combustion, chemistry of fire.
  • Recall basic of building construction and their relationship to fire behavior and combustion.
  • Recall all components of the ICS system and their interrelationship during an incident.
  • Given varying complex scenarios, the student will set up an ICS, call for appropriate resources and bring the scenario to a mitigated or controlled conclusion.
  • Identify major outcomes that need to be addressed during multi-alarm fires.
  • Articulate components of a unified command structure and how each position interrelates.

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