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FS 232 Human Resources Management • 3 Cr.


Provides an overview of state and federal laws pertaining to the workplace. Students discuss issues of leadership and administration including labor management, collective bargaining, human resources, safety regulations, local government, planning, and budgeting.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define the different types of laws, explain their basic differences, and how the law functions in society.
  • Become familiar with federal, state, and local laws, which regulate or influence emergency services.
  • Explain the role and purpose of national codes and standards concerning their legal influence.
  • Become familiar with legal decisions that has or will affect the fire service.
  • Discuss the organization and legal structure of the fire department.
  • Define the liabilities of firefighters.
  • Recognize legal duties of emergency service members.
  • Discuss negligence in an emergency setting.
  • Define discrimination and identify areas of potential discrimination in the emergency service.
  • Identify, explain and discuss the legalities of entrance requirements, residency, grooming, and drug testing.
  • Discuss the scope of the civil rights act.
  • Discuss the parameters and explain the basic intent of the American Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Family Medical Leave Act.
  • Explain the at-will doctrine.
  • Explain the purpose of labor and employment laws.
  • Identify and analyze the major causes involved in the line of duty firefighter deaths related to health, wellness, fitness and vehicle operations.

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