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FS 291 Hazardous Materials Inspection • 3 Cr.


Outlines steps and issues in hazardous materials inspections as specified in Article 80 of the National Fire Protection Association. Topics include hazardous material permits, plan review and enforcement of hazardous material code compliance, evaluation of alternative methods, and environmental regulation compliance. Prerequisite: FS 190 or permission of advisor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Recall all the basic elements of the code enforcement system and the fire inspector's role.
  • Process a specialized permit application for the transport, handling and storageof hazardous materials.
  • Identify common processes found in the community that utilize hazardous processes and substances as a routine part of their day to day business.
  • Conduct a plan review specific to the storage of hazardous materials so that the proper separations and safeguards specified in the International Fire Code are maintained.
  • Resolve complex hazardous materials storage problems, verify and document code compliance so that the resolution is formal and becomes part of the inspection file.
  • Describe the process of code enforcement when an inspection finds highly dangerous as well as routine hazardous materials storage violations.
  • Describe the national, state and local environmental requirements for the transport, handling, and storage of hazardous materials and how they work with the codes.

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