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HCTM 375 HIT Project Management • 5 Cr.


Examines project management theory and practice with emphasis on project management in healthcare IT settings. Students will evaluate tools used to develop and manage healthcare IT projects and select appropriate tools for developing a project based on a case study. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Differentiate between projects and operations in healthcare settings
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of project managers in healthcare IT
  • Describe the key complexities in healthcare that make application of traditional project management techniques difficult
  • Compare and contrast different project management methodologies used in healthcare IT – Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK)
  • Integrate previous learning with real-world challenges faced in healthcare IT project management
  • Describe resources available for healthcare IT project management
  • Summarize the decision-making process used by healthcare IT project managers in terms of cost, schedule and scope constraints
  • Evaluate project management and IT management knowledge areas in terms of healthcare IT projects
  • Categorize the process groups and knowledge areas included in project management and IT project management
  • Develop a project management plan following appropriate steps
  • Provide examples of each of the documents and files needed to successfully manage a healthcare IT project
  • Identify the personnel needed for a healthcare IT project based on the type and significance of the project plan
  • Discuss best strategies to involve key stakeholders in a healthcare IT project
  • Evaluate examples of successful and unsuccessful healthcare IT projects and identify key problem areas
  • Select and utilize appropriate software and tools to lead a healthcare IT project

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