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HD 120 Learning Strategies for Student Success • V1-5 Cr.



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Develops skills that support successful college work. Students practice effective study techniques and learning strategies, and explore resources available on campus. Recommend placement in ENGL 089 or above.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe and implement specific ways to create a successful and satisfying experience in college that are congruent with you your cultural background, learning styles and unique life circumstances
  • Examine personal ideas and decisions regarding issues typically faced by college students that inhibit or promote college success.
  • Apply specific strategies to:
    • communicate more effectively
    • manage time more efficiently
    • read textbooks with improved retention
    • take effective notes
    • improve on test-preparation and test-taking
    • improve ability to recall information
    • prioritize and set goals
    • overcome procrastination



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