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HIST 209 History of Christianity • 5 Cr.


Explores the beginnings of the Christian church, the impact of Christian teaching and organization on the West, and the challenge of other religions and philosophies. Traces the spread of Christianity in the non-Western world and assesses its role in American culture in the post-modern era. May be used as a social science or humanities credit, not both, at BC.


May be used as social science or humanities course requirement, not both, at BC.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify important themes and events in the history of Christianity.
  • Identify the central teachings of Christianity and diverse understandings of them.
  • Identify and compare the presence and status of Christians in different cultures over time.
  • Compare Christianity's central teachings and status in society with those of other major religions.
  • Explain how diverse Christian thinkers have responded to major social needs, political realities, and philosophical challenges.
  • Explain the relationship between Christianity and "Christian culture."
  • Identify the impact of Christian viewpoints on political and cultural movements.

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