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IBP 077 Observation Preparation • 4.5 Cr.


Designed to prepare non-native speakers of English with the skills, strategies and resources to successfully pursue internships in their fields of interest. Students prepare work portfolios, research areas of interest and practice oral communication techniques to enhance their career and employment opportunities. Prerequisite: Must be IBP student; international student eligible for practical training or other non-native speaker of English approved by the program chair or instructor.


Tuition: $TBA


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify personal career goals
  • Demonstrate understanding of skills required to achieve their career goals
  • Produce a perfect resume
  • Produce a perfect cover letter
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to research, collect and utilize information about local companies and organizations using library, Internet, and other resources to secure an observation
  • Demonstrate and articulate an understanding of the IBP observation process
  • Demonstrate and articulate an understanding of respective IBP student, Observation A dvisor and company supervisor responsibilities regarding Observations
  • Identify and articulate required basic and advanced interviewing skills
  • Perform effectively in a mock interview, answering typical questions with confidence
  • Communicate on the telephone, by email or fax in a clear, concise, polite and professional manner
  • Write effective follow-up letters
  • Make and respond to inquiries regarding Observations in a professional manner
  • Articulate team problem-solving techniques in the workplace environment
  • Explain how to communicate effectively with an Observation site supervisor
  • Identify options for communicating with colleagues or peers in the workplace
  • Articulate strategies to solve organization communication or interpersonal problems

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