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ITAL 122 Italian II • 5 Cr.


Continues ITAL 121. Format includes extensive audio and internet usage. After successful completion, students are encouraged to continue with ITAL 123. Prerequisite: ITAL 121.


Prerequisite: ITAL 121. Fee: $21.50 lab.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss and order food and drinks
  • Follow recipes instructions and quantities
  • Avoid redundancies using double object pronouns: direct and indirect
  • Use impersonal expressions
  • Talk about things one used to do (habitual actions in the past)
  • Talk about people, things, situations and actions in the past
  • Write sequence of events and in a chronological order
  • Discuss favorite sports and hobbies and daily activities
  • Talk about events in progress
  • Discuss future events
  • Make vacation plans
  • Make a doctor’s appointment and discuss health related issues
  • Make comparisons
  • Shop for clothes and discuss fashion and style
  • Express wishes and requests politely
  • Talk about what may happen
  • Give commands
  • Express desires, opinions, emotions, and doubts
  • Talk about professions and the workplace
  • Write a business letters, a CV, and give a job interview
  • Discuss means of transportations
  • Write more complex sentences using conjunctions and relative pronouns
  • Locate, recognize, and discuss four regions of Italy and their cities



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