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ITAL 123 Italian III • 5 Cr.


Continues ITAL 122. Format includes extensive audio and internet usage. Prerequisite: ITAL 122.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss past actions
  • Make travel plans at a travel agency
  • Take a train at a station or a plane at the airport
  • Express doubts, opinions, and emotions about past events
  • Make negative statements using negative adjectives and pronouns
  • Talk about hypothetical situations and wishes
  • Discuss evening outing plans: theater, cinema, and music
  • Specify how long something has been going on
  • Recognize suffixes
  • Recognize and use the “distant past” in relation to literature and/or history
  • Express more complicated sequence of events both orally and in writing
  • Express opinion about literature and writing by deducing meaning from context
  • Report what others have said
  • Talk about different media sources: television, radio, Internet, newspapers, etc
  • Discuss politics and current events
  • Make impersonal statements
  • Organize and essay in the target language
  • Locate, recognize, and discuss three important regions of Italy and their cities
  • Discuss Italy’s future in relations to European Union
  • Discuss the presence and influence of Italian-Americans
  • Compare cultures: Italy and United States



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