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MATH 080 Elementary Algebra I • 5 Cr.




First in a two-quarter sequence of basic algebra using a lecture/workshop format. Topics include lines and graphs, systems of equations, linear equations, and applications. Format includes self/group study and individual assistance. Intended for students with little or no algebra. Students must complete both MATH 080 and 085 to have the equivalent of MATH 097. Recommended: Basic arithmetic skills.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Perform the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with real numbers.
  • Evaluate numerical and algebraic expressions using the Order of Operations.
  • Identify and categorize linear equations, identities, and contradictions.
  • Solve linear equations.
  • Solve application problems by representing the given informtion as a linear equation then solving the equation.
  • Identify the exponents and the bases in algebraic expressions that involve exponents.
  • Simplify algebraic expressions that involve exponents by using the laws of exponents.
  • Utilize a rectangluar coordinate system to geometrically represent the solutions of a linear equation as the graph of a line.
  • Utilize a rectangular coordinate system to geometrically represent and identify the solution(s) of a system of two linear equations.
  • Solve systems of two linear equations by utilizing the methods of substitution and elimination.
  • Solve application problems by representing the given information as a system of two linear equations then solving the system of equations.



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