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MUSC 107 Fundamentals of Music • 5 Cr.


Introduces the structure of music and its notation. Students learn to read and write basic pitch and rhythm notation and to construct scales, chords, and melodies. Intended for non-majors with little or no musical experience.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Use the basic definitions of "Music" to create an original work with classmates.
  • Use the historical development of music notation to demonstrate how each idiom can be used.
  • Find and name pitches in four different clefs in class and in text exercises.
  • Transcribe rhythms into counting patterns and counting patterns into rhythms in class and exercises assigned.
  • Write Major scales from given notes or key signatures in class and text assignments.
  • Write Minor scales from key signatures in their three forms in class and in text exercises.
  • Find and identify pitches on the piano keyboard, then create scales using them in text exercises.
  • Write and identify simple intervals on the music staff and keyboard in class and exercises.
  • Construct asked-for chords on the music staff or keyboard in class or exercises.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of coursework in successful Midterm and Final Examinations.



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