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MUSC 200 Concert Choir II • V1-3 Cr.


Offers performance opportunities for student singers who have completed three quarters of MUSC 100. Students gain understanding and skills essential to group and choral singing. Requires 5 hours of rehearsal per week plus scheduled outside rehearsals and performances. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits. Upon Registration a Voice Part Placement will be required.


For audition and permission to register, please contact Thomas Almli at or (425) 564-2089.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Fundamentals of singing:
    • Ensemble process: rehearsal techniques, mutual trust level, conviction of adequacy, desire for excellence
    • Develop basic music vocabulary
    • Develop awareness of dynamics
    • Physiological ramification of voice production
    • Develop music reading skills: intervals, independent part-singing, tonality and pitch awareness
  • Vocal Techniques
    • Tone; Beauty, blend, control
    • Diction Clarity of consonance, naturalness, purity of vowels, stylistic alterations
    • Production techniques: Breathing and breath control, posture, phonation, precision and rhythm
    • Artistry; Fluency, vitality
    • Interpretation: Expression, phrasing, style
    • Listening skills: Pitch discernment, identifying the correctable
  • Performance Skills and Techniques
    • Stage presence: Poise, appearance, communication with audience
    • Performance attitude skills: Dealing with apprehension, discipline, enjoying one’s own performance
  • General Appreciation
    • Historical perspective of music performed: Baroque, Classical, Romantic
    • Cultural perspective of music performed: Sacred, secular, ethnic, folk
    • Understanding of harmony as applied to music performed



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