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NURS 110X Nursing Fundamentals Theory • 7 Cr.


Introduces relevant theoretical concepts related to fundamentals of nursing practice, such as nursing process, ethical and legal framework for nursing practice, pharmacological principles, biological and sociocultural concepts related to meeting basic needs and health issues across the lifespan. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • After completing this course, students should be able to:
  • 1.Demonstrate professional behavior:
  • • Follows established policies as outlined in College and nursing Program Student Handbook,
  • • Defines nursing practice
  • • Describes respect and support of the rights of the culturally diverse
  • • Describes nursing role as a representative of the adult client’s needs and concerns when necessary as defined by their culture
  • • Defines professional boundaries
  • • Identifies role-modeling behaviors in diverse health care settings.
  • 2. Demonstrate professional communication:
  • • Begins to display effective communication techniques with instructors and peers,
  • • Begins to choose oral presentation skills that reflect clear, concise, and relevant data to instructor, and peers.
  • 3. Demonstrate nursing process:
  • • Assessment- using data on Assessment Data Collection Guide to formulate nursing diagnosis
  • • Beginning to identify nursing diagnoses based on meeting basic needs
  • • Prioritizing nursing diagnosis
  • • Begins to identify expected outcomes
  • • Begins to identify relevant pathophysiology
  • • Identifies rationales for nursing interventions, treatments, and selected client medications.
  • • Begins to evaluate effectiveness of care provided in meeting outcome
  • 4. Demonstrate collaboration:
  • • Work cooperatively with culturally-diverse instructors and peers.
  • • Recognizes contributions of others in working relationships.



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