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NURS 220Z Maternal/Child Health Nursing Clinical • 4 Cr.


Includes community-based clinical observation as well as in-hospital experience in labor/delivery, mother/baby care, and the care of ill children. Prerequisite: N102X and N102Z, and completion of either N221 or N221Z.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Provider of Care
    • Implements the nursing process as a systematic approach to provide nursing care for the childbearing/childrearing family.
      • Assessment
      • Nursing diagnosis
      • Planning
      • Implementation
      • Evaluation
    • Demonstrates cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills to ensure safe and effective practice.Identifies rationales for nursing actions and other therapeutic measures incorporating knowledge of relevant pathophysiology, diagnostic procedures, associated with assigned clients.
    • Performs psychomotor skills safely with no cuing of N100 and N101 skills, with occasional cuing of N102 skills adapting the procedures to meet the needs of the client.
    • Administers parenteral and non-parenteral medications safely and in a timely manner.
    • Uses effective communication techniques with childbearing/childrearing client and family, instructors, peers and health care team.
    • Develop oral presentation skills.
  • Manager of Care
    • Collaborates with health team members for effective continuity of care for the client.
    • Demonstrates organizational skill in the management of client care.
    • Practices in a cost effective manner.
  • Member within the discipline of Nursing
    • Practices within the ethical and legal framework of nursing.
    • Follow established policies as outlined in the College and Program Student Handbook.
    • Follows established agency policies and procedures.
    • Documents care as given with minimal cuing.
    • Reports pertinent data promptly to appropriate staff/instructor.
    • Respects and supports the rights of the client and family.
  • Exhibits professional accountability.
    • Prepares for clinical assignments using appropriate resources.
    • Seeks assistance when clinical situation is beyond knowledge and experience.
    • Seeks opportunities in various clinical settings to enhance learning and pursue professional growth.
    • Follows established lines of communication within the assigned clinical setting.
    • Demonstrates reliability in completing client/clinical assignments.
    • Evaluates own performance accurately.
  • Definition of cuing
    • No cuing: student will perform independently with no intervention by the instructor.
    • Minimal cuing: instructor will provide no more than two cues.
    • Occasional cuing: instructor will provide no more than four cues.

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