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NURS 230X Mental Health Nursing Theory • 6 Cr.


Focuses on the nurse?s therapeutic role in maintaining and enhancing mental health. Students learn to meet the needs of clients with challenged emotional and/or cognitive abilities that impair their day-to-day functioning. Prerequisite: NURS 114X and NURS 113Z.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • At the completion of this course, the student is expected to:
  • 1. Describe historical approaches to the care of the 'mentally ill'.
  • 2. Describe the contributions of significant figures in history to the understanding and treatment of 'mental illness'.
  • 3. Describe social and legislative events that impact current behavioral health care.
  • 4. Discuss the role of community mental health services.
  • 5. Identify the three levels of prevention formulated by Caplan.
  • 6. Describe the multi-axial classification system and identify the DSM Axes.
  • 7. Compare and contrast the major conceptual models presented in class.
  • 8. Identify therapies derived from the selected conceptual models.
  • 9. Discuss the treatment implications of culturally sensitive care in behavioral health care settings.
  • 10. Identify and describe the functions of gross anatomical structures of the brain.
  • 11. Describe the role of neurotransmitters in human behavior.
  • 12. Discuss implications of psychobiological concepts to the practice of behavioral health nursing.



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