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OLS 154 Martial Arts for Mind & Body • 1 Cr.


Develop body awareness with basic knowledge about and applications of martial arts including hand and foot techniques, blocks, and sequential forms. Explore techniques for conflict resolution, self-defense, increased mental awareness, kinesthetic awareness of muscles and bones, flexibility and stress reduction. Structured to accommodate special needs learners. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Perform a defense from a potential attack using proper techniques.
  • Perform martial arts techniques that increase physical coordination skills.
  • Explain martial arts principles, theories, and philosophy.
  • Demonstrate and practice martial art exercises that enhance concentration, focus, and memory.
  • Demonstrate and practice basic preventative and controlling self-defense techniques.
  • Discuss the difference between the styles of martial arts Perform the correct form specific to the style of martial arts.

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