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PHIL 225 Introduction to Aesthetics • 5 Cr.


Explores the nature of art and aesthetic experience. Students analyze the artistic theories and aesthetic principles underlying Eastern and Western art. Format includes several field trips. Same as ART 225. Either PHIL 225 or ART 225 may be taken for credit, not both.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define in short-answer tests important vocabulary terms in ethics, social philosophy and technology.
  • Explain in a 1-2 page in-class essay what the principle components of specified ethical theories (e.g., virtue ethics, utilitarianism, social contract theory).
  • Apply the ethical theories learned to specified technological issues in in-class essay tests and/or take-home writing assignments. For instance, students would be able to explain how utilitarian principles may be used to support the research on recombinant DNA technologies.
  • Critique in in-class and/or take-home essays the logical strengths or weaknesses of specified ethical theories as applied to specified issues in technology (e.g., students might critique the misuse of natural law theory to limit research in contraception).
  • Critique in in-class and/or take-home essays the attempts a specified person has made to justify a specified social policy regarding technology (e.g., the claim that email dehumanizes social relationships).
  • Explain the various ethical, social, metaphysical or epistemological problems surrounding an issue of technology (e.g., the environmental impact –good or bad—of e-commerce).
  • Assess society’s obligations vis-à-vis a specified technological issue (e.g., students could write a 5-7 page take-home paper arguing for a particular social response to cyber-porn, junk email, or access by the poor to the Internet).
  • Explain in in-class written assignments how the mind is similar and different to computers, and provide reasonable arguments for or against the possibility of artificial intelligence.

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