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POLS 220 Introduction to Law • 5 Cr.


Examines comparatively the social, political, behavioral, philosophical, and intercultural dimensions of law and the legal and political aspects of justice, constitutionalism and rights. Explores legal reasoning and how law operates within the broader societal context. Students critically interpret and evaluate legal information.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understating of the logic and meaning of law.
  • Demonstrate an understating of law in the context of political, historical cultural context.
  • Demonstrate an understating of law in relation to justice and moral order.
  • Demonstrate an understating of various constitution, due process of law, and how they apply to fundamental freedom and the rights of the accused.
  • Analyze different schools of law and how each school could be applied to legal institutions.
  • DeMonstrate knowledge of law from the perspective of feminists and minority groups.
  • Demonstrate how various disciplines have influenced the law.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the law in the context of the global legal systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how law impacts social change.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how social and legal rules are made, interpreted, and applied.
  • Demonstrate appreciation of the fact that law is not made within a vacuum, but with a certain social (including ideological), political and economic framework.



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