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RADON 201 Radiation Therapy Physics II • 3 Cr.


Explores interactions of ionizing radiation with matter, high-energy particle beams, measurement of radiation, calibration of radiation therapy treatment machines, and brachytherapy implants. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the properties of particle beams and the equipment required to generate a particle beam.
  • Describe the interactions of charged particles with matter.
  • Evaluate the role of radiation protection in establishing occupational limits and room shielding.
  • Explain the purpose of a quality assurance program and differentiate quality assurance from quality control.
  • Analyze the factors that influence photon beams.
  • Describe the major factors of photon beam attenuation.
  • Describe various radiation detection instruments and identify the appropriate situations for the use if each instrument.
  • Explain how correction factors for chamber calibration, temperature, pressure and other factors are used to correct a chamber reading.
  • Describe the process for calibration of a basic x-ray machine and for a linear accelerator.
  • Identify radioisotopes that are commonly used for brachytherapy procedures.
  • Describe radiation safety procedures associated with brachytherapy sources and implants.



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