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RAIM 460 Management & Leadership in Healthcare • 5 Cr.


Prepares for leadership roles in healthcare. Topics include relations with diverse and/or remotely located staff, global and virtual employees, communication skills for managers, time management, motivating employees, and conflict resolution. Case studies are used to bring a contextual focus on specific departments and organizations in a global healthcare industry. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the program or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Analyze the trends in diverse team and organization management in the healthcare industry
  • Debate the issues and management strategies that relate to virtual teams and remotely located employees in the context of healthcare departments
  • Evaluate diverse communication styles and how they impact the team and organization performance and morale
  • Identify and develop strategies to assess inter-personal and team skills, cultural competency
  • Examine the qualities and skills of effective project and department managers in healthcare organizations and a diverse client base
  • Present and compare diverse leadership and motivation theories and practices, and analyze their respective effectiveness in the context of healthcare organizations and a diverse client base
  • Develop effective, diverse management strategies that promote communication, minimize stress, and increase productivity, and analyze their effectiveness in the context of healthcare organizations and a diverse client base
  • Examine and practice decision-making processes and techniques that facilitate effective and efficient change management for a diverse client base
  • Assess the impact of globalization and diversity on management and leadership strategies and practices in healthcare organizations
  • Develop plan and scenarios to prepare and lead effective training sessions including cultural competency for healthcare employees
  • Evaluate strategies and tools to support effective time management
  • Analyze strategies to reward and motivate diverse employees
  • Discuss and exercise strategies to identify conflict and support effective conflict resolution
  • Examine organizational leadership in managing continuous change in the context of healthcare organizations and a diverse client base



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