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SOC 105 Blacks in America • 5 Cr.


What does it mean to be ?Black? in America? Explore the social and cultural background of Blacks in America through the lens of sociology, and analyze the ways in which social institutions have been transformed by these contributions. Through research and writing, themes include music and popular culture, activism, politics, and/or social change.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss “race,” “ethnicity,” and “racism” from a sociological perspective
  • Describe how the racial category of “Black” has changed over time
  • Explain the general social, economic, and political conditions of Blacks in the United States, understand how those conditions compare to other racial/ethnic groups, and articulate how those conditions have changed over time
  • Identify key contributions of Blacks to American social, political, and cultural life
  • Understand the impacts of racism on the daily lived experiences of Blacks in America
  • Explain how class, sexuality, and gender shape the experience of race
  • Provide examples of concrete actions that can reduce individual and institutional racism
  • Articulate his/her own position within the racial system of the United States



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