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SOC 248 Public Health Around the Globe • 5 Cr.


What is Public Health, and how does it differ from Health Care? Investigate the role of the American Public Health system and how it impacts different groups across racial, class, and gender lines. Themes may include the social history of Public Health, needle exchange programs, and germ panic in America.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain how Public Health systems work;
  • Describe the general history of Public Health systems as well as the possibilities for the future;
  • Illustrate how Public Health systems impact cross-cultural groups along race, class, gender, age, sexuality, and disability lines;
  • Discuss the impact Public Health systems have had on community (and the idea of community), and investigate these issues from a variety of standpoints;
  • Illustrate the representations and identity constructions of Public Health recipients in popular culture;
  • Analyze the role of activists inside the Public Health system in pushing for human rights issues; and
  • Explain theories such as Harm Reduction and proactive programs such as Needle Exchange.

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