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SOC 254 Gender in the Social World • 5 Cr.


Are you born a "man" or "woman," or does society make us "men" and "women?" Examine the ways in which gender organizes social life and shapes the distribution of power in society. Themes may include media stereotyping, gender roles, sex segregation in the workforce, sexual politics, and the experiences of women and men in families.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain the difference between "sex" and "gender";
  • Illustrate how sex and gender are socially constructed and culturally relative;
  • Analyze the ways in which societies are fundamentally organized by gender;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sex and gender in a sociological, non-ethnocentric manner;
  • Describe sex and gender systems that are different from the current U.S. structure;
  • Identify the systemic and structural components of gender;
  • Critically assess whether a social structure is based on patriarchy, matriarchy, or egalitarianism;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how masculinities and femininities are defined in relation to one another;
  • Analyze how power plays a key role in the social construction of gender;
  • Discuss the major trends of our gendered institutions, like the family and the economy; and
  • Explain how the experience of gender is shaped by class and race.



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