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SOC 264 Intersections of Inequality and Identity • 5 Cr.


How is one kind of inequality connected to another? Can we understand race without also understanding gender? Can someone simultaneously be both advantaged and disadvantaged in society? Explore how social experiences are impacted by multiple forms of inequality. Themes may include poverty, socialization, domestic violence, media representations, stereotypes, prisons, AIDS/HIV, and/or drug addiction.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Apply a sociological lens to the systems of race, class, gender and sexuality and discuss how identities intersect;
  • Compare and contrast the theoretical contributions of “intersectionality” with other approaches to inequality;
  • Analyze how the lives of individuals develop in the context of their race, gender, and social class location in society;
  • Describe how racism, classism, and sexism are embedded in the social structure of society; and
  • Apply an “intersectional” perspective to the world around him/her.



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