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SOC 278 Global Sociology • 5 Cr.


How are people around the world deeply intertwined in a complex web of relationships? Explore a variety of political, cultural, and social changes that are transforming our world. Investigate globalization and its consequences. Using literature, art, film and popular culture, examine how countries are increasingly interconnected by flows of information, money, and people.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain current theories of globalization;
  • Analyze the histories of global interconnectedness on a micro and macro level;
  • Identify key terms such as stratification, colonialism, marginalization, and decolonization;
  • Argue the pros and cons of globalization;
  • Specify a variety of ethical perspectives on globalization;
  • Describe a variety of ethnic and cultural perspectives on globalization;
  • Explain possibilities for the future of globalization; and
  • Articulate the impact of globalization on their own lives.

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