Ron Taplin



Ron Taplin, a native of Seattle,  joined the Administrative staff of then Bellevue Community College in January of 1992 and served as a Associate Dean for 12 years. He joined the Counseling staff in 2006. He received his BA (Sociology) from WSU in 1972 and the M. Ed. in 1973 from Idaho State University. Ten years later he would receive his M.B.A. degree from the University of the Virgin Islands. Ron has taught a variety of courses during his tenure at Bellevue, from Leadership Development (HD-210, 211), to Learning Strategies (HD-120) to Career  Exploration (HD-173). Beginning winter of 2010 he will begin teaching a weekend section of Self-Esteem (HD-101). His passion is simply serving students, which he has been engaged in for over 35 years in higher education. When not working, Ron enjoys learning about a wide variety of subjects from history to music to science and popular culture. He is also a professional musician who performs locally with a West African Drum Ensemble [M’Shenga a Babu (Ancestral  Messengers)] as well as a Zimbabwe style Marimba ensemble [Zambuko (Bridge)].