Projected Annual Course Offerings 2014-2015

Find out when we plan to offer specific courses during the 2014-15 school year. This list is meant to assist students and advisors with planning and may be subject to change. Please check the quarterly class schedule each quarter for additional details.

Course Summer Fall Winter Spring
GEOG 100 do do do do
GEOG 103 d
GEOG 105 o do do do
GEOG 106 do do do do
GEOG 123 d d d
GEOG 205 o d
GEOG 250 d
GEOL 103 d
GEOL 106 o do do do
GEOL& 101 do do do
GEOL& 208*
GERM 221 d
GERM 222 d
GERM 223 d
GERM& 121* d d d
GERM& 122* d d
GERM& 123 d


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