CS 101 Technology and Computer Science • 5 Cr.

Introduces concepts of computer science through development of fluency in modern technology, while offering students an opportunity to increase skills in a variety of information systems. Computer lab work includes operation of computers on networks, programming fundamentals, logical reasoning, web searching, multimedia applications, basic spreadsheets, and database manipulation. Prerequisite: MATH 098 or higher.

CS 210 Fundamentals of Computer Science I • 5 Cr.

Introduces computer science and programming for CS majors. Students learn design and implementation of algorithms and programming in a structured, modular language, with emphasis on problem solving, program design, and style. Prerequisite: MATH&141 (or higher), or placement by assessment in MATH&142 or above, or entry code.

CS 211 Fundamentals of Computer Science II • 5 Cr.

Continues CS 210, with data structures algorithm analysis. Students learn to create and use arrays, records, lists, stacks queues, binary trees, strings, and sets. Other topics may include searching and sorting, abstract data types, recursion, and hashing. Prerequisite: CS 210 or entry code.

CS 212 C++ Data Structures • 5 Cr.

Completes one year sequence with data structures using C++, including lists, hash tables, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. Contrasts the implementations of such data structures in different languages, specifically the differences between pointers versus references, templates versus generics, dynamic versus static memory allocation, multiple inheritance, and destructors. Prerequisite: CS 211.

CS 250 Management Information Systems • 5 Cr.

Provides basic concepts of information technology in modern business. Topics include data warehouses, decision support systems, electronic commerce, systems development, and risk management. Labs introduce intermediate spreadsheet and database applications in a networked environment. Enforced Prerequisite: CS 101 or entry code. Requires experience with computer databases.

Last Updated June 16, 2014