CS students at Bellevue College complete mostly Math, Physics, Humanities, and Social Science requirements as part of their first 2 years towards a 4-year degree at a university for transfer. This is actually the AAS 2-year degree (90 credits) at Bellevue College:

Associate in Arts & Sciences (AAS-DTA)

Completing this degree will prepare you to transfer to a participating college or university with junior status.

Bellevue College AAS_DTA unofficial degree worksheet (pdf).

Same worksheet as above, with CS recommended electives AAS_DTA_for_CS

A full year sequence of CS210/211/212 and MATH151/152/153 and PHYS121/122/123 are highly recommended, although not necessarily required by local universities (see footnotes 1-6 in above worksheet) for students to have maximum flexibility in their transfer options. See an advisor for additional information.

Last Updated June 16, 2014