(Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training)
Earn college credit and improve your English!  I-BEST combines ESL and ABE classes with college credit classes allowing you to earn a Bellevue College certificate.  You also learn important work skills that will help you prepare for  job interview and gain employment.


Winter Quarter 2014 / I-BEST Office Assistant Certificate


Please note: Eligible students  are:

  • ESL Level 5 or 6
  • ABE Level 3 or 4

Two quarter certificate combines Job Skills Training with ABE and ESL classes.

You will learn the following skills employers need while earning college credit:

  • Microsoft Office Applicationsboss_helpingwoman
  • Keyboarding
  • Improvement on your reading and writing abilities
  • Gain strong communication techniques

Contact the I-Best Manager at: ibest@bellevuecollege.edu  for more information and to enroll, or call: 425-564-2363
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