Make Sure You Have the Correct Hardware and Software

To run Blackboard Vista and particpate in online learning at Bellevue College, you must have, at a minumum, the following:

1. Access to a computer that is connected to the Internet, preferably with a fast speed, broadband connection

2. A Blackboard Vista compatible operating system (Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh systems that are less than 3 years old are usually supported but follow the steps in the sidebar to make sure you are compliant).

3. A Blackboard Vista compatible Web browser (again, follow the links to the left to check your browser).

4. Some courses will also require plug-ins or media players such as the Flash player or RealPlayer to view files. Follow the instructions provided on your course site to install these if necessary; contact your instructor if you experience difficulties.

5. Some courses require specialized software to complete the coursework, for example Microsoft Project, Adobe Photoshop or Scriptware. These requirements will be discussed on your course site; contact your instructor for assistance with these tools.