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Distance Education
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Associate In Business--Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program Degree

The following degree requirements are for business students who intend to transfer to participating 4-year institutions in the state of Washington..

Degree Planning

If you are pursuing this degree only on campus or through a mix of on-campus and distance courses, comprehensive information about the AAS-DTA business degree is available at


View Bellevue College's General Education Requirements and Guide

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The AB-Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) worksheet (PDF)
includes all specific degree and course requirement information for Bellevue College. If you plan to complete your degree entirely with online courses, the ones included on the following link are available to fulfill graduation requirements.

List of All Online Courses

All Bellevue College degrees can also include a combination of on-campus and online academic credit courses.



  • Complete all of the following courses with minimum grade of "C" or better:
  • Accounting 201, 202, 203; Business Administration 240 (Statistical Analysis); and *Business Administration 200 (Business Law) or *Business 201 (Business Law); Economics 201 and Economics 202; Math 138 and Math 148. English composition classes must also be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

*See note # 3 regarding which Business Law course to choose. Additional courses may be required per specific university. (See note #4)

  1. To meet the current EWU requirements, the second English Composition course must be equivalent the EWU's ENGL 201 - College compositions: Analysis, Research, and Documentation.
  2. Students majoring in International Business should consult transfer institutions regarding level of world language required for admission to major. 5 credits in World Language may be applied to the Humanities requirements.
  3. UW Seattle requires BA 200. EWU and WSU require Business 201. UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, and WWU will accept either one. Heritage, PLU, SU, and Walla Walla University do not require a lower division elective for business law.
  4. Some Institutions have computer competency requirements for admission to the major that go beyond those specified above.  WSU School of Business requires an equivalent to their MIS 250, met by completing Bellevue College's CS 250 with appropriate grade.  See your advisor for requirements for other institutions.