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Distance Education
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Associate in Arts in General Studies [AAGS]

This is a two-year degree allowing a student to explore various courses, but credits may be transferred only at the prerogative of the institution to which an individual applies.

Degree Planning

If you are pursuing this degree only on campus or through a mix of on-campus and distance courses, comprehensive information about the AAGS degree is available at If you intend to pursue this degree only online, the table below provides information about distance credit courses that fulfill this degree.

View Bellevue College's General Education Requirements and Guide

A Distance Education Advisor
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The Associate in Arts in General Studies worksheet (PDF)
includes all specific degree and course requirement information for Bellevue College. If you plan to complete your degree entirely with online courses, the following are ones that fulfill graduation requirements.

List of All Online Courses

All Bellevue College degrees can also include a combination of on-campus and online academic credit courses.