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Distance Education
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Is Distance Learning for You?

About Distance Learning

Distance degree programs at Bellevue College are designed for students who prefer to learn at home, following their own schedules. Distance learning students get the same breadth and depth of material and earn the same college credit as do students in the classroom. Bellevue College distance courses fulfill course outcomes identical to on-campus courses of the same title, and most distance courses have been designed and are taught by the same faculty members who teach those courses on campus.

Bellevue College distance courses and online student services fulfill the needs of students who possess the motivation and self discipline to focus, set goals, and complete course assignments without daily face-to-face contact in a traditional classroom. Although you save time commuting to campus, you still need to put in the hours that a college course requires to absorb material, read textbooks, and complete assignments and exams.

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What You Should Know

But distance learning is different than taking a class on campus.  You need to be computer literate.  You need a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and a private time and place to work. You need to be a self-starter and able to set and stick to a weekly schedule. 

To be sure you are ready for a distance course, read what experienced students replied when asked what they wish they had known before taking their first distance course.

Is It For You?

Now, if you are still in doubt, take this unrecorded, self-guided questionnaire Is It For You? and make your decision whether to register for on-campus courses, distance courses, or a flexible mix of the two. And don't forget to check out the degrees and certificate programs you can pursue entirely at a distance.

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