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Distance Education
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Enrollment and Registration for Credit Distance Courses


Before offering distance education classes in other states, all institutions of higher education must obtain authorization from those states to offer classes to their residents.  At this time, due to extraordinarily high costs to obtain authorization, and/or other limiting factors, we regret that Bellevue College cannot offer distance education classes to students who live in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Texas.

To Enroll, First Apply for Admission

You must be enrolled at Bellevue College (BC) to register for courses. If you are already enrolled at Bellevue College, skip down this page to register for credit distance courses.

How To Enroll At Bellevue College

  • If you are a first-time college student, have previous college credits at other institutions, or are returning to Bellevue College after four or more quarter's absence, start to apply at
  • If you are a high school student (age 16-20) seeking to earn college credit while still attending high school, start to apply at
  • If you are an international student, start to apply at
  • The college will notify you by your personal e-mail with further instructions when your application is processed. It is extremely important that you provide a valid e-mail address on your application. The e-mail will include your new Student ID and PIN. You will need your SID and PIN to register for classes. Your PIN number is initially set as your birth date, using the MMDDYY format.
  • BC Student E-mail.  Once you are a BC student and have received your SID and PIN, you must set up and use your official Bellevue College student e-mail. The college sends official college communications to you only via your BC student e-mail, including reminders about registration or payment deadlines, messages from the Financial Aid office, Graduation office, academic advisors or other support offices across campus. It is important to create your BC student e-mail account and check it regularly. See for details about your net ID and student e-mail.

How To Register Online for Courses

Step 1 - Seek Advising
If you plan to take all or most of your courses through Bellevue College's Distance Education Program, contact our advisors to identify your educational goals and plan for your success as a distance student. You may also want to discuss your educational plans with a faculty advisor in a specific subject area. For more information, also check out the Educational Planning Resource & Transfer Center.

Step 2 - Choose Courses
If you will be taking all or most of your courses through the Distance Education Program, use schedule of credit courses. Select "upcoming" quarter if posted, then check format "online" to view only online classes. Write down the names and item numbers of the courses you wish to take. If the current quarter has started but the next quarter's list of available courses is not yet posted, check the academic calendar for the start of the next registration period. Bellevue College will post the list of credit courses for the coming quarter approximately two weeks in advance of registration. Check back frequently. For long-range planning, see the projected annual course offerings for the rest of this academic year. 

Step 3 - Register for Courses
You will be able to sign up for courses on or after your registration access time. Enter the registration site. You will be asked for your student ID (SID) and PIN.  Have them handy. Select the quarter and press "REGISTER."  Enter the item number of the classes you wish to add or drop, using the 4-digit item number format (i.e., 4592, 8854, and 2301, etc.). You may pay for tuition, fees, and for your textbooks before you leave the course registration site, so have your credit card handy.

You may return to the registration site to pay later for tuition, fees or textbooks.  Click through all the registration screens until you come to the appropriate payment screen. Payment of your tuition and fees is due 7 days from the first day you register for classes OR by the first day of the quarter, whichever comes first. If you register on or after the first day of the quarter, payment is due immediately. Check the Academic Calendar for exact dates and deadlines. You can pay online or in-person.

WARNING: If you have not paid by the designated deadline, the college will drop you from some or all of your classes. If you are dropped from classes for non-payment, the college will notify you in writing and by e-mail, but that may be too late to enter the courses you want.  It's best to pay as you register or well before the deadline.

For Further Information

The Bellevue College Academic Calendar

Again, the Academic Calendar is your first source of information. It details registration add/drop deadlines, college refund policy, each quarter's final exam schedule, and other vital information. Read it first before seeking other help.

More Web Services

For everything you ever wanted to know about registration, records and grades, student accounts, and much much more, check out My Online Services.

Human Services

Need a human voice? Call the Distance Education Office at (425) 564-2438 or toll-free at 1.877.641.2712. Of course you may always e-mail us at the Distance Education Office.