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Distance Education
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Tuition and Fees for Distance Students

Distance Education courses are offered entirely online. Course fees vary in Distance Education due to the wide variety of types of classes, methods of distribution, costs of programming, and residency status. For a comprehensive explanation of Bellevue College tuition and fees, including information about costs for the Bachelor's (upper division) programs, visit the BC Tuition and Fees page.

At Bellevue College, a typical degree program requires 91 credits, usually 17 five-credit college level courses and one six-credit science (with lab) class.  Most Bellevue College Distance Education classes are 5 credits, although there are exceptions. Please check the course you are interested in to figure the cost.  Each distance course taken, regardless of total number of credits, will incur an additional $52.50 Distance Education fee. This fee is not included in the table of costs per-credit charge on the BC Tuition and Fees page. Books and materials are the student’s responsibility, and are also not included in the table.

Effective Spring Quarter 2009, Distance Education contract sections (OAC, OBC, etc.) will be offered only for Fire Science (FS) and Early Learning & Teacher Education (ECED) courses.  Contract sections are offered by the individual departments, and tuition and fees are paid on a per-class basis.

For more information, call Enrollment Services at (425) 564-2222, or send an e-mail to and ask about current tuition and fees, refund policies, and the requirements for non-Washington residents who want to take advantage of the "Distance Education Waiver."