Frank Blythe


American Indian Film Festival

Executive Producer of "Indian Diaries"

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mr. Frank Blythe, of Lincoln, Nebraska, is the Executive Director of Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, where he manages the production and distribution of American Indian films, videos, and radio programming to the Public Broadcasting System and the American Indian Radio On Satellite Network. Previous to his work with NAPT, he spent 15 years working in commercial broadcasting in Phoenix, Lincoln and Omaha. Mr. Blythe holds a B.A. from Arizona State University and has done graduate work at Arizona State University and Harvard University. Mr. Blythe is an enrolled member of the Eastern Cherokee Tribe and the Sisseton Dakota Sioux Nation heritage.

Since 2001, Frank has been involved with the Native Media and Technology Network, a national Native American media coalition working with film, television, radio and multimedia corporations, programs and small businesses across the country to build media capacity and entrée’ for Tribes, native media organizations and native urban community centers in the entertainment industry. NMTN’s mission is to create a national Native Media Intermediary to build media and technology capacity, employment and business opportunity among American Indian communities through the development, production and ownership of culturally relevant content and product for local, national, and international distribution.Originally developed by Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Eyapaha Institute, Red Crow Creations), Syd Beane (Center for Community Change, National American Indian Development Corporation), Paula Starr (Southern California Indian Center) and Chuck Banner (Bob Banner Associates and BannerCaswell Productions). NMTN’s pilot project created a job training and employment program and built strong alliances with every major diversity program in Hollywood including Fox Studios Diversity Development, Workplace Hollywood and the Walter Kaitz Foundation.

NMTN is now a national coalition that includes the following: the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians - EDC; BannerCaswell Productions; Center for Community Change; Center for Native American Public Radio; DQ University; Eyapaha Institute; Intertribal Entertainment; Koahnic Broadcasting Corporation; MIGIZI Communications; National American Indian Development Corporation; Native American Public Telecommunications; Native Networking Policy Center; Owens Valley Career Development Center; Red Crow Creations; SOAR Records; and Southern California Indian Centers. The coalition expects more native media groups to join.