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Photo of Ruthann Kurose

Ruthann Kurose was appointed to the BCC Board of Trustees in March 1993 and was re-appointed in 1999. Ms. Kurose has previously served as the Board Chairman in 1999-2000 and in 2001-02.
Career profile: Ms. Kurose serves on the KCTS TV Board and the Japanese American Citizen's League Board. She has served as the founding Board Chair for the Seattle Center Academy and has served on the Seattle Center Advisory Commission, and the Children's Campaign Fund. Other positions in her career background include former International Affairs Manager for the City of Tacoma, International Trade and Tourism Manager for the City of Seattle, and Legislative Assistant for Former Congressman Lowry in Washington DC. Ms. Kurose was also on the Seattle Urban League Board and the Jewish American Committee.
Education profile: B.A., Political Science, University of Washington; the United Nations training seminar series on international diplomacy, the International Leadership Development Fellow Program at Colorado University, and has been a national delegate to the USSR-US Adult Leadership Exchange Program.

  Ruthann Kurose Minority Achievement Scholarship Fund

Ruthann Kurose has served on the Bellevue Community College Board of Trustees for ten years with a record of exemplary service. Everyone in the college community is aware of her role as both Board chair and trustee throughout the years. The college has been fortunate to be guided by her wisdom and her humanity. At the same time, the Asian Pacific Islander community as looked to her as a model for leadership.

In 2002, Bellevue Community College initiated a renewed focus on cultural pluralism to work to improve the diversity of our campus community. We believe that by promoting a diverse learning environment, we can make strong progress on many of the problems and opportunities facing society. Ruthann Kurose has fought tirelessly her entire life to promote a diverse cultural and social world. There is not a person in the community who doesn't know the Kurose name and what it means to civil rights and social justice. It is also a name that signifies great personal caring for the young especially the socially and economically disadvantaged young in our community. True to her family's tradition, Ruthann has been a strong advocate of maintaining a diverse campus at BCC. In advancing her vision, Ruthann has showed genuine concern for many individuals in our campus community. She heard our stories. She effected meaningful change.

A group of BCC faculty, staff, and administrators started a movement to acknowledge her contributions to the college. This was truly a grass roots movement started by all the people who were moved by Ruthann's influence on our community. We thought it would be fitting to honor her by creating the Ruthann Kurose Minority Achievement Scholarship. The response we've received from the College, outside community leaders, and associations has been heartwarming. The consensus is that Ruthann is one of the unsung heroes of the community and deserves recognition.

Many minority students will find it difficult to gain entry into higher education institutions. BCC has always been one of the top community colleges for transferring students to four-year institutions. Our graduates are well-prepared for the rigors of further academic study. BCC's renewed commitment to diversity comes with a strong determination to make a home and a difference for students of diverse backgrounds. The scholarship fund will be set up to benefit minority students who demonstrate leadership promise and need financial assistance. They will not be excluded from opportunities available to those with more favorable circumstances. The selection of scholarship recipients will be administered by the BCC Foundation along with BCC's Diversity Caucus and will be targeted to our new First Year Diversity Experience.




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