Meet the DRC Staff

Susan Gjolmesli and Cajun

Susan Gjolmesli



Susan is our program director and has been a disability advocate for over thirty years. She graduated from Gonzaga University as an Education major. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know the students in the program. Bjorn, Susan’s husband, is from Norway and a member of the Puget Sound Norwegian community.  They …more about Susan Gjolmesli

Headshot of AJ Duxbury, Assistant Director

AJ Duxbury

Assistant Director


AJ is the Assistant Director for the DRC.  She graduated from the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa with a Master of Arts in American studies, focusing on minority students in higher education, and a Graduate Certificate in disability and diversity studies.  Prior to that she received a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing.  Her previous work …more about AJ Duxbury

Amy McCrory thumbnail image

Amy McCrory

Program Assistant


Amy has worked at Bellevue College for a decade and specializes in academic enrollment, assessment accommodating, test proctoring, and initiating disability services. She enjoys reading, spending time with family, and walking with her dog.

Shiloh Gentry thumbnail image

Shiloh Gentry

Program Assistant


Shiloh works at our Front Desk greeting students into the program.  Originally from Texas, Shiloh continued with his Bachelor’s degree at University of Washington in Seattle and fell in love with the area.  He enjoys reading, tennis, yoga, hiking, anything out of doors, good conversation, and good company.

Headshot of Jeremiah Swagger.

Jeremiah Swagger



Jeremiah is new to the DRC staff and is excited about providing students with a safe, distraction-free testing environment and the other resources they need to be successful in their education goals.  Jeremiah enjoys writing, reading, drinking coffee, and watching it rain.

The words Coming Soon with stars around them.

Zona Morgan




Headshot of Colin Donovan

Colin Donovan

Disability Specialist


Colin is a 2007 graduate of The Evergreen State College, where he focused on Disability Studies and community organizing. Colin is a passionate advocate for folks with disabilities, and has spent the last fifteen years organizing around various identity, cultural, and social justice issues across the U.S. and Canada. He reads voraciously, adores houseplants, and …more about Colin Donovan

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Becky Gardner

Specialist, Faculty


While new to this job, I’m ‘old’ to the DRC. Like gum on the bottom of a shoe, they were not able to rid themselves of me after working on the original “A.S.P.I.E.S.” pilot program in 2010 that Sara Gardner (no relation, just a weird coincidence) has brilliantly turned into the nationally recognized ASN program …more about Becky Gardner

Headshot of Raymona Baldwin

Raymona Baldwin

Assistive Technology Specialist


Raymona is the Assistive Technology Specialist at Bellevue College. A generalist, she works alongside individuals with all types of disabilities and barriers. Learning disability software, and the application of mobile technology are favored areas of practice. She enjoys participating in researching, writing, speaking, and presenting about ideas related to disability and technology. Raymona earned professional …more about Raymona Baldwin

Headshot of Carole Stoddard

Carole Stoddard

eText Manager


I am Carole Stoddard, the new eText Manager at the Disability Resource Center. I am a Washingtonian, having grown up in the hilltop Tacoma area. I got my bachelor’s degree in Russian Language, Literature and Culture from the University of Washington, Seattle. If you have ever wanted someone to discuss Russian art or literature with, I …more about Carole Stoddard

Headshot of Billie Puyear

Billie Puyear

Deaf Services Specialist & Interpreter


Billie is the Deaf Services Coordinator for the DRC.  She’s a Washingtonian by birth and grew up in the greater Seattle area until attending California State University, Northridge to peruse a degree in Deaf Studies and Theater. After graduation she worked as an Interpreter in the greater Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland areas for another …more about Billie Puyear

Headshot of Sara Gardner, Autism Spectrum Navigators Program Manager

Sara Gardner

Disability Specialist, Autism Spectrum Navigators Program Director


Sara Gardner began her work at Bellevue College in 2010, during the pilot study for what is now the Autism Spectrum Navigators program. Following the pilot, she stayed on to design and develop the program, which she now manages.  Sara is also adjunct faculty: she teaches the first class in the ASN course series to …more about Sara Gardner

Headshot of Anna Mason, Autism Spectrum Navigators Program Assistant

Anna Mason

Autism Spectrum Navigators Program Manager


Anna previously served as a Navigation Assistant and is excited to continue working with ASN. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know the students and seeing them achieve their goals. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Seattle University and has experience as a caseworker and para educator. Her …more about Anna Mason