Accommodation Forms

poster saying the corporate ladder needs more wheelchair rampsDRC forms and documents are available for electronic submission and/or download on this page. Additionally, these forms and documents are available in paper version at the DRC office. If you have questions, need assistance, or need an alternative format, please let us know.

Request for Accommodation Form

Use this form to request services, but only if you have already completed an intake form. This form needs to be completed each academic quarter in which you need accommodations. Please complete all fields.

Intake Form

Use this form if you are a new DRC student. Be sure to review our Getting Started page before completing this form.

Alternative Media Form

If you are approved for Alternative Media accommodations, complete this form each academic quarter.

Test Proctoring Form

Complete a Test Proctoring form  for each test, quiz, or final exam taken through the DRC. It is the students responsibility to provide instructors with the proctoring form in advance of testing days so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Remember to contact the DRC to schedule a testing date and time 48 hours in advance. For final exams, please schedule one month in advance. If you need to use any adaptive equipment or assistive technology during testing, please request this when scheduling your test.

The Student Syllabi Form is made available to students so they may go through all of their syllabi at the beginning of each quarter to list all their exams in one place.  This form can then be turned into the DRC to make appointments for each exam, instead of making appointments individually.  This is not a required form.

Sign Language Interpreter Request Form

Need an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter? Take a few minutes and complete this form to secure an ASL interpreter for your upcoming events, meetings, or appointments.  Please be sure to complete and submit this form at your earliest convenience but no later than 2 business days before your event; the earlier you request an interpreter, the more time we have to make the proper arrangements!

NOTE: This request form is for ALL individuals associated with Bellevue College, including:

  • Deaf or hard-of-hearing DRC students as well as prospective students  for virtually ANY meeting on campus (and case-by-case events off campus will be considered)
  • Hearing students who have no affiliation with the DRC but wish to meet with either a DRC-enrolled Deaf or hard-of-hearing student, staff or faculty member
  • Deaf faculty member who wishes to meet with a hearing student or staff/faculty member
  • Hearing faculty/staff member who wishes to meet with a Deaf or hard-of-hearing faculty member or student
  • Any college department or club who wish to have or require an ASL interpreter present for any department-specific or college-wide public event!
  • Great for panels, presentations, keynotes, and symposiums!

It is strongly encouraged that the initiator of the meeting/planner of the event be the person or entity responsible to request an interpreter, this is to ensure the form is filled out to its best possible completion. In the event of the request being made by a BC club, organization, department, office, or division, the entity that is putting on the event will be responsible in compensating for the cost of the interpreter(s) and will have to include their budget number on the Interpreter Request Form

For any questions, call Joey Creek, the Deaf Services Specialist/Interpreter Coordinator, at (425) 564-4159.

Sign Language Interpreter Request Web form