Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bellevue College Accredited?

Yes, Bellevue College is Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Accreditation Information.

How much does it cost?

Students taking 100% online courses will pay a eLearning fee of $52.50 per 5-credit course. Students taking hybrid and web enhanced courses do not pay an eLearning fee.  General college fees apply as well as course specific fees.  See Tuition and Fees

What is the difference between online, hybrid and web enhanced classes?

  • Online courses are completed entirely online via Canvas, our learning management system. Note: some classes may require proctored exams. The instructor will post information for you on how to take the exam from a distance, if you cannot attend the campus exam session. These courses will be designated on the class schedule with sections OAS, OBS, OCS, etc.
  • Hybrid courses are part online and part on campus.  The on campus session is usually just one day per week.  The rest of your work is completed online via Canvas our learning management system. These courses will be designated on the class schedule with sections HYA, HYB, HYC, etc.
  • Web enhanced courses are taught entirely on campus.  The instructor will post information for you on Canvas, our learning management system. Posts may include the syllabus and handouts.

Do I have to be logged in at a specific time each day?

It is recommended that you log-in at least once a day for the first week at a time that is convenient for you. After the first week, you should get a feel for how much time you will actually have to be logged-in to the class site verses how much time you will spend doing work off line, i.e. reading the text book, etc. In this case, you can log in when it is convenient for you, as long as you meet all assignment and testing deadlines.
Some instructors may hold a live session and information should be posted in the syllabus.

I am registered, but, when I log in, I don’t see any classes or the wrong class. What is wrong?

Did you register the weekend before classes started? If so, you should probably see your classes by the afternoon on the first day of classes. If you see a class you didn’t register for, did you drop a class and sign-up for another one the weekend before classes started? If so, you should probably see your classes by the afternoon on the first day of class. There is a 4-6 hour processing time until changes are reflected in Canvas. For more information click: Why can’t I see my courses?

How do I withdraw from (drop) a class?

Go to Registration Log-in, just like you did when you originally registered for you classes, in one of the little boxes on the left side of the page, type in the item number of the class you want to drop and click submit. The page will refresh and you will no longer see the class listed in your class schedule. If you have a refund coming, it may take up to four weeks for processing.

Where do I take the tests?

Most of the tests will be given online. If you instructor requires a proctored exam, you can either come to campus at the scheduled time if you are able or the instructor should have information in the syllabus about how to find a proctor in your local area.

How can I take a class with a lab online?

All the lab classes use some type of “virtual” lab so you can do the assignments at a distance. Some may require a field trip in your local area. You can check the syllabus on the first day of class for more details.

How much time will I have to spend doing an online course?

We recommend approximately 2 hours per day for every 5 credit course. Online courses are just as demanding, if not more demanding that on-campus courses.
Log-in on the first day of class, read the syllabus, get started information and get familiar with the course site—then get started with the class.

Can I start my online class if I am on a wait list?

There is never a guarantee you will get into a class from the waitlist, even if you are #1 on the list.
Waitlists for online classes are different than waitlists for an on-campus class. You will not be able to access the class site until you are actually registered for the class. Check the waitlist frequently to see if you have been placed into the course, you will then need to pay for the class. If you fail to pay for the class, you will be dropped and then will have to start the waitlist process over again.