Summer 2014 – ESL Community Classes


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 1. On line please follow this link:

2. via Phone:                                      425-564-2411

3. In-Person:                                      3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue, WA. 98007            Room  R230

 Accent Reduction

This class is designed for high-level non-native speakers of English who want to reduce their accent and develop confidence in speaking with native English speakers. It focuses on the most distinctive sound patterns of English: stress, intonation, and rhythm.  Tuition: $250.00

 Monday/Wednesday     #8276               6:30pm – 8:20pm          Class meets 06/30 – 8/13                             R209

 Business Communications

This course is designed to help improve communication skills to achieve professional goals. The course will cover a broad range of career-related skills involving communication including researching and applying for a job, resumes, interviews, networking, business idioms and language, phone techniques, making presentations and negotiating. It will also do some career-related personality testing at the beginning of the course and create personal action plans in the middle of the course.  Additional topics will be based on the interests of the class. Grammar and pronunciation information will be introduced when needed. Tuition: $250.00

 Monday/Wednesday     #8279               6:30pm – 8:20pm          Class meets 06/30 – 8/13                            R306

English Conversation 1

This class is designed to help non-native English speakers function more easily in their everyday lives in the community. The goal of this class is to improve your conversation ability.  Students will practice speaking and listening in English through: conversation activities, vocabulary building, listening exercises, some basic grammar instruction, and some basic pronunciation practice. Tuition: $250.00

Monday/Wednesday     #8234               9:30am – 11:20am         Class meets 06/30 – 8/13                          A240

Tuesday/Thursday        #8235               6:30pm – 8:20pm          Class meets 07/01 – 8/14                          R305           

 Grammar Review 2

This class is for foreign students who have already studied English in their native countries, and who wish to review the basics of the English language.  This course is designed for intermediate and advanced students. In Level Three we expect to cover the following topics:

Conditionals and wish (completion of chapter 20), adverb clauses, reduction of adverb clauses, connectives, advanced vocabulary and sentence structure work, use of articles

Homework will be given every lesson.  Tuition $250.00

Monday/Wednesday     #8248               10:30am – 12:20pm       Class meets 06/30 – 8/13                         R102

 TOEFL Preparation

This course is designed to provide instructions and intensive drill in the four main skills tested on the internet-based TOEFL (iBT):

Reading (including vocabulary), Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

Differences between the traditional paper and pencil TOEFL, the previous computer- base TOEFL (CBT), and the new iBT will be discussed.  Students will spend approximately 10 hours in the computer lab (Room A133) becoming familiar with the internet-based TOEFL, learning the computer techniques necessary for the test, and practicing the various types of questions which are tested on the iBT.  In order to cover all the materials in the course adequately, students will be expected to do a substantial amount of homework each week. Tuition $283.50+21.50 computer lab fee

 Tuesday/Thursday        #8268               5:30pm – 7:50pm          Class meets 07/01 – 8/14                         R305