Transferring Scores and/or Courses from other Schools

If you have taken the COMPASS English and math placement test at another school or you have taken a test and or English/ math courses at another Washington CTC, you may have the option to transfer those scores and/or courses to Bellevue College for English and math course placement. You can also request to have your COMPASS scores at our college to be released to other colleges.

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I. Transferring COMPASS scores from Other Colleges

  • Find out how to transfer COMPASS scores you have taken at another college.

II. Bellevue College Placement Reciprocity

  • Find out how to transfer a college placement test or a bellow college level English and/or math course you took at an approved Washington State CTC.

III. Releasing COMPASS scores to Other Colleges

  • Find out how to transfer your COMPASS scores from BC to another college.

Transferring COMPASS Scores from Other Colleges

We do not accept scores from the ASSET, ACCUPLACER or any other assessment test other than COMPASS (see BC Placement Reciprocity below). You may submit your COMPASS scores from other schools subject to the following conditions:

  • COMPASS math scores cannot be more than a year old.

  • COMPASS English scores cannot be more than two years old.

The score report can be delivered to the Testing Services Office in one of the following ways:

  1. Sent directly by the testing college via fax, email or USPS mail with your Bellevue College's student identification number (SID) and contact phone number. We do not accept scores faxed directly from the student.

  2. Bring the official COMPASS report from the college you took the COMPASS test in person.

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2. Bellevue College Placement Reciprocity

Washington State CTC Approved Placement Reciprocity Agreement Policy

Bellevue College now honors course placement from local skills assessment as well as course placement from pre-college math and English courses taken at any Washington State Community and Technical (CTC) colleges within a year.   See below for the approved placement reciprocity agreement policy:

For all entering students at any Washington community and technical college, system policy provides that:

  1. A student who qualifies for a specific level of pre-college math, English, or reading, either through course completion or local skills assessment, will have that course placement level honored at another Washington CTC if the student so requests, even if the courses may not be exact equivalents.
  2. A student who qualifies for entry into college-level math, English, or reading, either through course completion or local skills assessment, will be considered to have met the entry college-level standard at every community and technical college.
  3. Students requesting reciprocity must initiate the process within one year of their initial placement assessment.

The purpose of Placement Reciprocity is to request equivalent placement into pre-college and college level courses based on your placement at another Washington Community or Technical College.  The following conditions must be met for the placement assessment to be considered:

  1. The placement recommendation must have been made within the last 12 months.
  2. If credit was granted for a course, then placement will be based on that course (an official transcript is needed).
  3. The student must provide a copy of the document that provides specific placement recommendation information from the sending institution.

How to request Course Placement Reciprocity:
1.   The student seeking placement reciprocity will fill out the Placement Reciprocity Student Request Form

2.  The student will drop off the request form along with their official tests scores and/or official transcript to be evaluated to the Bellevue College Testing Services.  These documents must be official; Testing Services will not accept unofficial scores or transcripts.

3.  An official from Bellevue College Testing Services will evaluate the student’s official test scores and/or official transcripts from the sending intuition against Bellevue College’s pre – and college-level courses. The student will then be placed at Bellevue College in a manner equivalent to placement at the sending institution.

4.  The official from Bellevue College will contact the student regarding their final placement.  This process may take up to 48 hours.

The lise of approved Washington State CTC:
Bates Community College
Bellingham Community College
Big Bend Technical College
Cascadia Community College
Centralia College
Clark College
Clover Park Technical College
Columbia Basin College
Edmonds Community College
Everett Community College
Grays Harbor College
Green River Community College
Highline Community College
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Lower Columbia College
North Seattle Community College
Olympic College
Peninsula College
Pierce College- Fort Steilacoom, Lakewood
Pierce College- Puyallup
Renton Technical College
Seattle Central Community College
Shoreline Community College
Skagit Valley College
South Puget Sound Community College
South Seattle Community College
Spokane Community College
Spokane Falls Community College
Tacoma Community College
Walla Walla Community College
Wenatchee Valley College
Whatcom Community College
Yakima Valley Community College

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Releasing COMPASS Scores to Other Schools

You may request your English and math assessment scores to be released to other schools using the form below. You can submit the form in person or fax it to Testing Services. We can only release forms to colleges after we have received a sign release form.

View COMPASS Test Score Release Form (PDF)

Note: Scores are only faxed directly to colleges or institutions. Scores are never faxed directly to the student.

(PDF documents require Adobe Reader for viewing. Download Adobe Reader for free)

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