JunAi Movie Screening

JunAi Movie Screening

May 21, 2013 - - 6:00 pm -

Summer. 1945. And the end of a long world war. Most of the young Japanese who had gone to settle in China had been left behind. The dreams that carried them there had been crushed the moment Japan surrendered. Ai, Shunsuke and the other settlers were hanging in a balance of life and death as most Chinese villagers had lost loved ones to the Japanese military. Shanron and his aging mother helped these two Japanese, accepting them unconditionally. Inside of each of them was the beginning of a friendship beyond borders, the start of a love worth risking one’s life for.

Join us 6-8 pm in Carlson Theater; tickets are free and available in PALS Center.

Sponsored by World Languages, ASA, CAB, ASG, Student Programs, CSA, ISA, Sakura Club, and Japan Support Team as part of Asian Pacific Island Heritage Month.


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