The week's events
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Apr 20 Apr 21

Earth Week 2014 - Transportation Fair

Apr 22

Earth Week 2014 - Farmers Market

$15 Minimum Wage: Equity & Justice in Pacific NW

Bite Me: The Local Food Movement

Pre-Professional Health Sciences Workshop

Apr 23

Food, Globalization and Technology

BC Botany Nature Walk

Would You Buy That?

Drugs & Plants: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Apr 24

Auto Leak Test & Stormwater Education

Stormwater Solutions

Bike Ride: Bikeability Audit

Climate Solutions & Innovations

Bike Conversation

Phil Borges Presentation

Two Solutions to Solving America's Bee Crisis

UW School of Medicine

Apr 25

PTK International Convention

Voting Closes for ASG ballots

Apr 26

3rd Annual Autism Acceptance Video Game Tournament