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Telecourse Information

Information for telecourse students

Telecourse instruction incorporates video programs, textbooks, study guides and/or lab materials, and oncampus review sessions with BCC instructors. Attendance is required at the orientation (first review) session and all sessions where exams will be given. Individual instructors may require additional attendance. Attendance is mandatory at the review sessions for lab science and foreign language courses.

There are several ways you can view the video programs. To view the programs on The College Channel, the college campus television station, you need access to Comcast Cable. The College Channel is broadcast to subscribers throughout King County on Channel 28. The College Channel is not available within Seattle city limits, nor is it carried on private cable companies which some students have in their apartment complexes.

The same programs are available for viewing and/or overnight checkout from the Library Media Center on campus. There is no charge to check out these videotapes.

Students registered in a telecourse may also rent sets of videotapes for a non-refundable fee of $30/set/quarter. The tapes must be returned at the end of the quarter.

Questions? Call the Distance Education Office at (425) 564-2438 for information.

What do you need to succeed in a telecourse?

  • Attendance at mandatory on-campus orientation and exam sessions. Some courses have other mandatory attendance requirements, especially for lab sciences and foreign languages. Check the course listings for details.
  • A way to view to video materials.





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