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Training Trainers (Investor Protection Trust Grant)


Financial Education at Bellevue Community College has received a grant from the Investor Protection Trust to train teachers and trainers on how to provide objective investor education. This grant will run from September 2006 to March 2008. The purpose of the grant is to train at least 20 instructors throughout the state of Washington. Instructors are expected to reach 1000 learners in the first year and 2000 learners in the second year. They are also expected to participate in program evaluation of the training provided.


Financial Education at Bellevue Community College understands that it is important to have a comprehensive strategy for spreading investor through the state including a website, promotional and marketing programs, partnerships with key organizations, and educational programs. We have already developed a partnership with the Financial Literacy Public Private Partnership, the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (which supported us on this grant), and Investor Protection Trust. We will continue to build partnerships with other associations and community organizations.


Financial Education at Bellevue Community College has already moved to develop investor education that can be delivered through various distribution channels. It is important to note that although there are core concepts that are part of basic investor education, these must be tailored to the students, the delivery method and other logistical considerations. All the educational programs developed incorporate this flexibility. These programs will accommodate the one-on-one interaction that is important to learning and will have handouts and other aids that will stay with the learner. We will incorporate ways in which trainers can encourage peer tutoring among students. We plan to develop comprehensive train-the-trainer sessions so that this curriculum can be taught by educators. As we move along, we will accumulate stories that will invite the engagement of other learners.


Here are our efforts to date:


Eight one-credit college courses that cover cash flow management, finding money to invest, risk, real estate, employee benefits and investments. These courses will be customized to be delivered to the WorkFirst student population, the traditional college student, and can be customized for other groups such as the military. Over the next six months, these courses will be developed for in-class, a computer lab setting, online and hybrid delivery such that institutions that adopt them can start them at any time during the year and some learners may do some or all of the course in self-directed study.


Investor education for the workplace is a 90-minute training sessions for public and private sector employees that was tested successfully at Bellevue Community College. It was modeled after the IPT's Investor Education at the Library. This 90-minute session assists the learner in setting financial goals, making the trade-off between short-term expenditures and long-term financial goals, risk and return of investments, asset allocation, maximizing after-tax returns and monitoring investments.


Five-credit college class in investments is taught on campus and online. This course gives deeper education to trainers on investments and requires extensive writing and analysis of stocks, bonds, funds, international and other investments. Training will be provided online in the Spring quarter (March through June) 2006. Educators may take this course to be trained in how to use a hypothetical stock portfolio to teach their students about investments. Teachers in the K-12 system will receive clock hours and college credit for this training.


Financial aid session which will train students on saving and investing. Applying for financial aid is a key teaching moment for college students. Using the IPT Savings and Investing 2020 curriculum, students will be taught the trade-offs being made against long-term financial goals.


Series of community financial education sessions to be taught monthly during family night at the Unity Church of God in Seattle. If successful, this will be expanded to the 70 churches which are part of this network.


Financial education fair for community college students which includes national financial literacy expert, Don Blandin, and many money experts from government agencies and financial service firms.








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