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Financial Behaviors Survey 

Check any of the following if it applies to you in the past year

Pay all my bills on time.



Have a recordkeeping system for my financial affairs.



Balance my checkbook monthly.



Track all my expenses.



Use a spending plan or budget.



Have an emergency fund.

If yes, how many months:

1 - 3 months _____

3 - 6 months _____



Save or invest money out of every paycheck.


If yes, what percent of your paycheck do you save? _______%



Save for long-term goals.

If yes, which goals: (Check any that apply)

Education ______

Car _______

Home _____ First ___  Upgrade___

Vacation ______



Plan and set goals for financial future.



Have money in more than one type of investment.

If yes, check any that apply:

Individual stocks _____

Funds ______

Bonds ______

International _____

Real estate _____

Commodities ____



Calculated net worth in the past two years.



Participate in employer’s retirement plan.

401K _______



Put money into other retirement plan:

Roth IRA ______

Traditional IRA _____




Review my credit report annually.



Pay credit card balances in full each month.



Compare offers before applying for a credit card or loan.



Do my own taxes.



Read about personal money management to improve how I’m doing.


Average number of financial behaviors demonstrated by a household (out of 18)



 Source:  Consumer Finance Survey










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