Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at FYE?

You learn about the college academic and social culture, explore its possibilities and learn the essential skills to be a successful college student. Topics include planning your schedule, career planning, choosing a major, educational planning and a campus tour. In addition, you meet faculty, staff, and other new students to BC – just like you!

Who takes FYE?

Degree or certificate seeking students taking college classes for the first time will register for FYE when they go through the new student advising process.

We also strongly recommend FYE if you have earned less than 20 credits at another college or university. FYE will give you a valuable introduction to BC’s unique culture and gain strategies for success at our college.

What if I’m not able to attend all of FYE?

If you are a first time to college student taking 10 or more credits, you are required to enroll in FYE and attend the entire class. FYE (HD 100) is a college level class and graded credit or no credit upon completion.

If you do not complete all of FYE, you will receive a NC grade (No Credit) which will be posted on your official Bellevue College transcript.

Who do I contact with questions about FYE?