Reserved Sections

There are specific FYE classes if you are a…
  • BC Student Athlete: Emphasizes the different experiences student athletes encounter in college.
  • TRiO Student: If you are the first person in your family to attend college you may be eligible to be a part of TRiO.

Ask your advisor, coach, or TRiO staff member for registration information for these sections.


(**Only offered during Fall quarter**)

FAQ’s for FYE Reserved Sections

1. What really is different about the reserved sections as compared to the “general” FYE?

The core curriculum and learning outcome are exactly the same. The main difference is that each reserved section has an expert instructor who can lead activities and discussions with in-depth knowledge of the experience of their students.

2. Why isn’t there just one for everyone?

Specific groups of students have unique scheduling needs or are already a member of a program on campus.  Let your FYE seminar leader know if you’d like to see another type of reserved section offered for specific groups of BC students.